How we can help you

We provide for you completely natural treatment for variety of diseases and conditions: long lasting and short lasting, physical and emotional.

We choose for you completely natural remedies, free of side effects, safe for everyone (even for babies and mothers to be).

We treat the root causes of your disease, not just the symptoms of the disease.

We provide the treatment tailored exactly for you based on the deep analysis of all diseases, traumatic events, symptoms which you have ever had in your life.

We provide you with the treatment which works simultaneously on all levels of health: physical, mental, emotional. As the result, we can help you not only with physical but also mental and emotional problems; help to alleviate not only physical pain but also fears and deep emotional traumas.

We provide help even if your case is difficult and long lasting (chronic), even if you run out of conventional medical options. We specialize in difficult, chronic cases.

Whom do we help?

To anyone who wants better health.

To anyone who suffers from chronic diseases: physical or emotional.

To anyone who suffers from anxieties, depressions, fears, emotional traumas.

To anyone who has problems with sleep (insomnia); who has fatigue and lack of energy.

To anyone who tried all conventional medical treatment options and not satisfied with the results.

To anyone who developed side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and now has no other choice but look for natural alternatives.

To anyone who developed dependency on pharmaceutical medications and wants gradually wean of.

To anyone who wants deeper treatment then just alleviation of symptoms, who wants to find the real causes of the disease and eliminate them.

Our Method: Sequential Bioactive Treatment

Sequential bioactive treatment is absolutely natural treatment; in which, chronic disease is considered to be caused by set of “traumatic events” that should be alleviated with set of corresponding remedies.

The goal of this method is to treat root causes of the disease not just symptoms of the disease. In order to achieve this goal, we analyze all root causes of your disease- all your “traumas” that occurred during the lifetime, such as infectious diseases, emotional traumas, side-effects of vaccination, side effects of medical drugs, surgeries, heredity predispositions to certain diseases, etc. Out of this information, we create “timeline treatment map” that is tailored specifically for you. Then we use a variety of natural remedies (herbal, bio-active, gemmotheraputic, miasmatic, heilkunst/homeopathic, etc.) to treat those “traumas” in the reverse order, starting from present time moving backward to the childhood. During this process, we alleviate “traumas” one by one; we peel of layers of the disease in sequential order. Altogether with the root causes, the symptoms of disease gradually disappear, till we achieve stable health results. We use only those natural remedies that have been proven effective in practice: for us, our relatives, and our patients.

*Our treatment does not interfere with any medication that you currently take; therefore, our treatment can be used in combination with the medical drugs, medical procedures, and psychotherapy.

About us

We are natural health practitioners who educated in both conventional and natural medicines; we have profound experience in both fields. As the result, we combine the best knowledge of two worlds.

Meet Daria, MD (RU), DOMP, DHMHS:

I am a practitioner of natural medicine with the background in the conventional medicine. I studied conventional medicine at the university in Russia, where I became a medical doctor. I had experience in the field of the conventional medicine and also worked in renowned pharmaceutical companies.

At the same time, I was studying natural medical disciplines, including herbalism and variety of other practices (Tibetan medicine, Heilkunst, therapeutic yoga, Qigung, Tai chi). I started my education in the field of natural medicine for one simple reason because it helped me with my chronic pain when nothing else worked. For a long time, I had a chronic headache, from which prescribed medications didn’t help me; in addition to it, I developed a stomach pain as the side effect of using painkillers. As the result, I had no other choice but to find natural alternatives. My long standing headache was completely cured by natural approach altogether with side effect of painkillers. Needless to say, I was astonished by the results. It was the point where I realized that natural medicine would become my lifetime carrier. Later on, I moved to Canada where I continued my studies in the natural field of medicine in reputable institutions. In Canada I successfully graduated two colleges: one homeopathic and the other one of osteopathic manual practices; where I obtained Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Science (DHMHS), and Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP). As the part of my continuing education, I studied several other natural health disciplines, including advanced practical herbalism and nutrition.

As the benefit of comprehensive education, I know variety of natural approaches to choose from, so I pick up only the most effective of them for my patients. Very often my patients ask me whether I believe or not in a certain natural approach, I always answer that I am not a believer, I am a practitioner. I use only those modalities that have shown to be effective in practice. I like to keep my approach as scientific as possible. I always keep my knowledge up to date about research available in the field of natural medicine. Conventional medicine instilled in me the appreciation for the scientific approach, while natural medicine provided me with the tools to treat the root causes of disease and to balance body’s own defense system. Because I got educated in both conventional and natural medicines, I cannot be blindly devoted to anything. So let me emphasize this again, I use only what works best in practice. I choose only those methods that have already helped me, my friends, my relatives, my patients. If you also want to experience the process of balancing your health naturally, then you have come to the right place.
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List of Conditions

All the conditions (physical or mental) can be addressed by natural approach, it treats person as the whole. The goal is to balance patient’s own defense system through the sequential alleviation of many causes of the disease. When the causes of disease are alleviated, when balance is achieved on all three levels (mental, emotional, physical), when body’s own defense system is strong enough, then symptoms of disease gradually disappear.

Examples of conditions addressed by our natural approach include but are not limited to:
Mental problems /emotional issues: anxieties, panic attacks, fears, depressions, attention deficit disorders, Bi-polar disorder, restless leg syndrome, stress, fatigue , schizophrenia, ect.
Sleep disturbances
Skin conditions: psoriasis, eczema, acne, ring worm, herpes, warts, fungal infection, ect.
Intestinal problems and gastric disturbances: colitis, reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gastritis, hemorrhoids, constipation ,diarrhea, ulcers, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, Diverticulosis, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Nausea ,Vomiting, etc.
Allergies of all types: seasonal, respiratory, food, etc.
Respiratory issues: asthma, bronchitis, inflammation of throat or tonsils, etc.
Autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, etc.
Endocrine system disorders: diabetes, thyroiditis, etc.
Headaches and Migraines
Cardio-vascular diseases: high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, varicose, etc.
Brain and nervous system disorders: headaches, Parkinson, seizures, ticks, dizziness, vertigo, etc.
Musculoskeletal disorders: back pain, carpal tunnel, gout, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.
Ear/eyes/throat conditions
Urinary problems: Incontinence, bad wetting, urinary tract infections, etc.
Women's Health: PMS, menopause, PCOS, amenorrhea, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc.
Men’s health: erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, prostatitis, etc.
Childhood Conditions
Immunity and Infections

Above are just some examples of the most frequent conditions that natural medicine deals with, the capability of natural medicine are not limited to these conditions.

How does the treatment process look like

Sequential bioactive treatment is step by step process because chronic disease is caused by many factors and consists of many layers that should be alleviated.

• The first consultation is different from others; it lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. During the first consultation, “time-map” of your future treatment is created. The map includes detailed review of all your “traumatic events” during lifetime such as infectious diseases, emotional traumas, surgeries, side effects of drugs/vaccination, etc. Those “traumatic events” are considered to be underlying causes of your chronic disease, so it is important to analyze them. Time-map will be used as a guideline in order to take into account and alleviate all “traumatic events” during the future treatment. I will also take a look at all of your laboratory analysis and all of your official medical diagnosis. I will ask you about pharmaceutical drugs and supplements that you currently take. I will ask you many other health-related questions

• On the next day you come for the second consultation (60 minutes), where I will analyze all of your recent symptoms (mental, emotional, physical), which correspond to the first layer of your disease, and prescribe the remedy that will be suited to those symptoms. After you receive and take the remedy, we allow it to act for 3 weeks and observe all possible changes that may occur as the result of the remedy action.

• After those 3 weeks you come for the next consultation (60 minutes). During that consultation, I will analyze changes in your symptoms again, and based on them - prescribe you a new remedy to address the next layer of your disease.

This cycle repeats itself till all layers of your disease will be alleviated.

How many consultations required?

The answer to this question depends on each individual case. It depends on how deep the disease is, how long you have the disease, what kind of treatments did you have, whether you have side effects from medications/vaccinations, and other factors. The rough estimate for not complicated chronic case is minimum from 6 to 10 visits (each in the intervals of 3 weeks). The therapy is sequential (step by step treatment), it gradually alleviates many layers and causes of the disease (since present time moving backward to childhood). We use variety of remedies from variety of natural approaches. For each layer of the disease, we find most appropriate remedy. Therefore, the therapy for chronic diseases is not one time treatment; too many factors are lying underneath of chronic disease, and those factors can be shaded only gradually. During course of the treatment, you will be provided with the recommendations upon nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes. All this recommendations will be tailored to your exact case. In order to support good health, we need to build and maintain healthy lifestyle to sustain it.